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Complete Kits

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Everything needed to get started, and finished!

Custom made to your specifications.


Complete Kits include everything needed to install the specific canopy for your application. All materials are cut to length and all assembly hardware and instructions are provided.

Kit includes:

  • Production of engineer sealed drawing for approval

  • Miter cutting of fascia corners with factory large format saw

  • Deck components cut to length

  • Drill punch holes for fasteners

  • Attachment of one end of brackets and splices

  • Labeling material section connections for proper assembly

  • Delta-Seal coated assembly hardware and NP-100 caulk

  • Detailed Instructions

  • Shrink wrap, packing and crating for shipping or dedicated delivery

  • Telephone support for field install

Please send us your general requirements:

* Size: Projection and Length

* Attachment Style: (1) Overhead rod & Wall attached, (2) Post supported & Wall attached, (3) Freestanding post supported

* Decking Preference: Shaped upper/lower 1 ft pattern, or flat soffit style.

* Color: Standard anodized clear, baked bronze enamel, or custom AAMA finish. Colors may be mixed and matched between decking, fascia, and posts/beams for architectural preference.

* State and City of installation.