Extruded Aluminum Canopies and Walkway Covers

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The Reliable Canopy that Looks Great Too!

Rusco Canopies manufactures and distributes

high quality aluminum covering structures for

entryways, walkways, loading docks, and shelters.

Our designs are clean and simple,

performing with little maintenance.

Our systems have precision fit & finish and are

perfect for attractive retail or office facilities.

Design • Production • Delivery

Professionally engineered Extruded Aluminum Walkway Covers for Schools and Commercial Facilities.

Architectural Entry Canopies, Loading Dock Covers, Stair Covers, and multi-use Shelters.

Featuring the SUPERDECK System

Overhead supported hanger-rod style or column supported.

Freestanding or wall attached.

Custom colors enamel or powder coated.

Fabricated and Shipped to your location.

Entry Canopies

metal entryway covers

store front entry canopy

storefront metal awnings

overhead supported

shopping center

side and exit door awning

Walkway Covers

school bus stop

bus loop cover

access ramp

sidewalk canopy

parent drop-off canopy

Dock Covers

loading dock roof

dock bay canopy

warehouse door cover

loading area carport

Other Applications

turnstile cover

break area shelter

canopy extrusions

staircase canopy

equipment cover

canopy parts

balcony cover